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Get Licenses and WinAudit via powershell invoke cmd


Hi there,

Been busy for a while and i've succeeded in my 70-410 certificate Installing and Configuring Server 2012.

So I was finding a way to execute one command on all computers in the network at once.

And I've came accross a script called - RunRemoteCMD.

Set Exchange Vdirs to autodiscover external address

You can use this script to set your Exchange Vdirs to your external address.

Use the for both internally as externally.



# Author: Scott Jaworski # Website: # Version: 1.0

Set Exchange Calendar Permissions for your boss globally



This guy: Jan Egil Ring, made an excellent script on how to set Calendar permissions globally in your domain.


This could be handy when a Director or Manager wants total control over everybody's calendar.

I've altered the script a bit to get it to work with Exchange 2013 when no permissions have ever been set.

For that matter your can use set or add as described.

Adjusted script:

License + Audit Crawler via script and psexec

Here i've build a script to help you get the licenses and audit of computers in your network.

The files have not been altered and you can trust me on my word that the download from my site is safe.

Do however read the runme.bat that this is provided and you cannot hold me responsible for anything that goes wrong.

I do not expect anything to happen, but it's your responsibility.


You do need to alter the variables in the files to match those of your domain your deploying it to.

I'm sorry to say, but no support will be provided as I do not have the time.

Microsoft Exchange - Move 'ALL' Mailboxes From One Database to Another


When you want to transfer a complete database to a new server read the following article.

It really helped me when my Exchange server was in a state of GetServerComponentState of all failed and could not bring it back up.

Have your second exchange server (configurationless) ready.


Installing WSUS and applying GPO

Install WSUS

You can do it by GUI guide such as from:


Or you can do it by Powershell (read on).

But be sure to have fully updated your server, or you might not get the server to synchronise with Windows Update.

Check for Office version via script

Check for Office Version:

Create a text file and save it as purpose_office_version.bat

@Echo off

REM Check most recent office version assuming default installation path has been chosen.

REM 2013

if exist "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\winword.exe" goto Office201364

Disable Browser Choice

Create a GPO Link, go to user settings and under registry settings create the following item.

Key path SOFTWARE\BrowserChoice
Value name Enabled
Value type REG_DWORD
Value data 0x0 (0)

File and Printing Share Services (Admin Shares)

Sometimes, you might wanna start File and Printing Share Services to be able to logon to that computer for example installing ESET Endpoint Antivirus.

To do so, you can go two way's. By GPO starting the specified services or to put it in a batch file.

So for a batch file edit it and put the following text in it.

REM Start Services to enable Network Discovery + File and Print Share regarding Admin Shares.

DFS - The namespace cannot be queried The RPC server is unavailable



Check the registry item under:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Dfs\Roots\Domain Key

See if it's listed there, if it is and your certain nobody uses is, you can delete it.