CISSP Domain 5

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In regards to Kelly Handerhan whom provided the course CISSP at Cybrary I hereby provide you with the information I've acquired along with notes from the video.

The course can be followed, and you'll get a Certificate of Completion at Cybrary:



As I've understood (and this can feel a little bit frustrating), you need 5 years of working as a Security Professional. |

When you take the exam for example with PersonVue: |

For the amount applicable to you at: approximately: 650 Euro. |

You need 3 endorsements to be able to carry the Title CISSP in your function profile / CV. 


When you just passed the exam, you cannot call yourself a CISSP Certified Professional, but you get an A status behind your CISSP. 

After those 3 endorsements, and b.t.w. no-one is willing to perform fraude on that, so don't even think about it, you can call yourself a CISSP. 

Certified Information Systems Security Professional


Your Role is a Risk Advisor


As for Domain 5, these are my notes:


Domain 5 Identity and Access Management