Protect your environment with Alerts on Accessing your Infrastructure with Canary Tokens

You can create a token, a customized file, which alerts you when it’s accessed.

This can be a website clone, a PDF File, or one of the others in the list.

Provide an email address or web hook URL with a Reminder Note, that it’s was accessed.

You can configure this right here:


2019 05 17 10 03 22

Select your token and you get a list of supported items.


2019 05 17 10 07 28


For the Custom Image Web Bug create a file in paint > Resize it to 1x1 pixel and safe it. You can leave it white, since most web pages contain white.

Provide your e-mailaddress and the reminder note and replace the image.

2019 05 17 10 13 50

After the creation the next page summarizes and provide you a link.

Within the Manage This Token (Right Top) you can adjust the settings.

2019 05 17 10 16 12


The token is to be set within the landing page and is formatted like this in the img src HTML Element.

<img src="">

You can set the e-mail alerts to on/off, browser scanner en custom web image to on/off.

As well the times it has been accessed. For that, View its history.


2019 05 17 10 20 02


In the History Map you can see the Incident map, where it tells you, Date, IP and Channel (HTTP(S))


2019 05 17 10 22 08


There’s also a function to Export it in JSON or CSV File Format.

If breached, you can use this information on Intelligence Gathering for your Forensic Team / Investigators.


2019 05 17 10 23 41


Disclaimer; I do not have information on the Legal Part of this. As I’m not aware of your / your country’s law. This article has been setup to demonstrate the purpose of what’s possible. Please consult your legal advisor whether this conflicts with law enforcement agencies.