How an Attacker Hacks you and what you & that Company can do about it!

An hackers most probable first attempt to get your credentials is to perform an MITM (Man In The Middle) attack.

In such situations, the hackers places themselves in the middle of you and your router by spoofing the mac-address of the router, to go through the attackers computer.

That said, and there’s little you can do about it else then paying attention RIGHT NOW is that I’m going to explain the Details you must pay attention for.

As many post on the internet / social media channels have explained, HTTP is NOT Secure.

But what is that? How can I tell?

Protect your environment with Alerts on Accessing your Infrastructure with Canary Tokens

You can create a token, a customized file, which alerts you when it’s accessed.

This can be a website clone, a PDF File, or one of the others in the list.

Provide an email address or web hook URL with a Reminder Note, that it’s was accessed.

You can configure this right here:

Computer, Netwerk, Account: Beveiliging




Dit is mijn bijdrage aan Nederland van gewone burgers om ze meer inzicht te verschaffen op het gebied van computers, netwerken en accounts. De computer wereld zit vol bedreigingen en daar moeten mensen bij geholpen worden.


De informatie die ik hier geef is de enige informatie die ik geef en ik ben verder niet bereikbaar (,dan wel er simpelweg geen tijd voor hebben) om situaties in de privé sfeer van een huishouden te ondersteunen.


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