Powershell - Safe BIOS Upgrade - Bitlocker Enabled - Power Adapter Check - DELL - HP

Here is a script that might come in handy, deploying the latest Meltdown and Spectre and MDS Vulnarability Patches for your clients.

What you need is:

Dell CCTK Tools
- Hard coded bios password on deploy


HP Bios Configurator
- Create a BIOS Password via the tool

Bios versioning - PAY Attention on that.
Download every latest BIOS version. Please note that if you've never upgraded, some Dell machines are obliged to update the Firmware
in a inbetween version to support the latest. Please check with your vendor, in this case Dell on how to approach this.

Put up a share, where you can store the files.

The biospwd.bin file of the HP Machines, goes directly into the robocopy command of the Machine Model. Place the file within there.

:: Disclaimer - Use at own risk - I'm not responsible if you brick your machine.

The code can be found here: