Local Host Enumorator - Red Team Inventory Script upon Exploited System


Good day to all of you!

In my search for security approaches and difr analysisses I've came accross a very cool script, made by:

joe vest twitter: @joevest & Andrew Chiles twitter: @AndrewChiles


Be aware, no warranties whatsoever. Use at own risk.

Red Team Inventory Script: HostEnum.ps1

Found at:



Adjusted script

I've made some additions and wanted to share this with you.

Check out the following script: instructions included.


Good luck with your insights on how a red vs blue team inspects computers upon finding an exploit for your system.

The data that's generated out of this will indeed, surprise you, but should'nt. You should be aware of the dangers involved.

Also please check out their scripts, because it's more functional towards domains and services to be exploited.


Kind regards,

Martijn Kamminga