Get Licenses and WinAudit via powershell invoke cmd


Hi there,

Been busy for a while and i've succeeded in my 70-410 certificate Installing and Configuring Server 2012.

So I was finding a way to execute one command on all computers in the network at once.

And I've came accross a script called - RunRemoteCMD.


I've did a little changing on this with the function to hide the window while executing (meaning no popup screens on the currently logged in user).

The original script is to be found here:


Have a look at the script and alter for your needs.


# Do note, you must install the Windows Management Framework 3.0 at the least. Version 4 is also available. Choose your liking.

# As mentioned before you can gather your Windows and Office licenses on the network with WMI enabled offcourse.

# You can also perform a WinAudit with the little nice images in this particular version of Windaudit.

# Don't forget to alter the path's for your network, and please, do test this on 2 machines, before executing this office-wide.

# Little detail: the produkey does not capture the Office 2013 H&B. So be aware when you do not get all the licenses. It does work on 2013 Professional and Office 2010 H&B.

# Do not forget to execute this as your DOMAIN\Administrator Account or your DOMAIN\adm_group users with the appropiate rights to access clients.

# Comments are provisioned.


Download the script here:


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Martijn Kamminga