Cisco 3560x Access denied Using keyboard-interactive authentication.


(Solved) Cisco 3560x Access denied Using keyboard-interactive authentication.


Hi folks,


The issue with copied / pasted configs from for example a Cisco 3560G switch to a Cisco 3560X 10GBps switch is that commands are propably not recognized.

To overcome the following error:.

Cisco Using Keyboard Interactive Authentication Access Denied


Use the Cisco Network Assistent, because on initial Setup of the Device via the console cable, you've propably set a username and password allready.


Log in via the username and password as you initially have setup. Strange thing here, is that it actually works, but not with Putty / WinSCP.


Cisco Network Assistent Login


Go to: Configure > Device Properties > Username and Passwords

Select the device and click OK

Cisco Username Password 1


After login, create a 4 / 15 Password and a Local Username and Password


Cisco Enable Password 1


Cisco Enable 4 15 Local Username Password


Click on Apply, acknowledge the message, Click OK, acknowledge the message once again and start putty.

login via the username / password (no need to change settings in putty in ssh/auth).


Cisco Succesful Login


Well, here you go. You're in.