Azure Automation - Use Secret Key in Azure KeyVault to Perform Local Admin Tasks

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In this tutorial we're going to create an Secret Key in Azure.

The result is that we can perform Admin Tasks, as an non-admin user on a Windows 10 pc, as non-admin user.


What I'm going to cover is:

- Create an Local Admin Account
- Pre-Run commands so we are Azure Prepared
- Set the Powershell TLS security
- Create an Azure Secret Key Vault
- Deploy an Powershell Script as System for non-admin users to run in a scheduled task.
- Learn how to configure the permissions for the Azure Secret (screenshots in dutch, my appologies).
- Run the Automation Script, and Execute compmgmt.msc as Admin as a normal user. As you might guess, you can deploy and perform any task.

In this scenario I'm going to assume were on Windows 10 / Server 2016, got an Azure Subscription and users are not Admin by default.