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Meet Martijn, a skilled and experienced pentester with the highly respected OSCP certification. With an extensive technical background and a talent for creative problem-solving, Martijn is a valuable asset to any cybersecurity team.

The mission of me as an ethical hacker is to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software applications, in order to help organizations improve their security and prevent cyber attacks. Ethical hackers, also known as "white hat" hackers, use the same techniques and tools as malicious hackers, but with the explicit goal of helping organizations protect themselves against cyber threats.

Ethical hackers are typically hired by organizations to conduct "penetration testing" or "pen testing" – a simulated attack on their systems to identify weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. They may also be responsible for evaluating the overall security posture of an organization, identifying areas that require improvement, and recommending solutions to address security issues.

The mission of an ethical hacker is to ensure that an organization's critical data, systems, and networks are secure, and to help prevent data breaches and other cyber attacks that could cause significant damage to the organization and its stakeholders. They must also abide by a strict code of ethics and conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner at all times.

The vision of me as an ethical hacker is to create a more secure and safe digital world by identifying vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software applications, and helping organizations to improve their security measures. Ethical hackers aim to prevent cyber attacks, protect sensitive data, and safeguard critical infrastructure from being compromised by malicious actors. Additionally, many ethical hackers aspire to promote awareness about cybersecurity risks and educate individuals and organizations about best practices for online safety and security.

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Meet The One-Man-Team

Martijn's journey to becoming an ethical hacker is no easy feat, but it's a dream he relentlessly pursues with determination and dedication. He has spent years studying and working tirelessly to obtain the coveted OSCP certification, which is considered an extraordinary achievement within elite circles. His expertise as a pentester is not to be underestimated, and he takes great pride in what he has accomplished.

But alongside his passion for cybersecurity, Martijn is also a devoted father. He has three beautiful children, aged 14, 13, and 7, and his love for them knows no bounds. Martijn maintains a fair co-parenting arrangement, with the children alternating weeks with him. He cherishes the time he spends with them, shares in their joys, and plays a pivotal role in their growth and development.

In October 2023, Martijn decides to focus on his physical and mental health. He begins working out at the gym, striving to keep his body in top condition. At the same time, he reflects on his life and seeks new life goals and challenges. He realizes how blessed he is with a happy family life, strong bonds with family and friends, and a diverse and fulfilling existence.

Martijn has diverse interests, including his love for music. He enjoys a wide range of genres, from Blues and Rock to Country and Dutch music. In the evenings, he can unwind and forget his worries as he listens to his favorite songs. He also has a soft spot for movies and series that have nothing to do with his field but are filled with cunning and fantasy, such as the world of Star Trek. This is his way of escaping everyday stress and nourishing his mind with inspiration and ideals of respect and togetherness.

While Martijn is a gentle soul who means no harm, he can occasionally be sharp-tongued. In hindsight, he often realizes that he could have handled things differently. Fortunately, he is willing to learn from his mistakes and always strives to do what's right. His heart is always in the right place, and he seeks harmony in his relationships and interactions with others.

In this new phase of life, Martijn is constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth. He is self-critical and takes feedback seriously, relishing the sense of accomplishment when he achieves his goals. At work, he is a team player who fully immerses himself in his role as a pentester. Together with his colleagues, they strive for perfection, and their dedication is rewarded with praise and recognition.

Martijn's life is a balanced mix of passion for his work, love for his children and family, relaxation through music and entertainment, and an ongoing quest for personal growth. He embraces each day with enthusiasm and is determined to bring out the best in himself, both professionally and personally.


Martijn Kamminga

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