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Meet Martijn, a skilled and experienced pentester with the highly respected OSCP certification. With an extensive technical background and a talent for creative problem-solving, Martijn is a valuable asset to any cybersecurity team.

The mission of me as an ethical hacker is to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software applications, in order to help organizations improve their security and prevent cyber attacks. Ethical hackers, also known as "white hat" hackers, use the same techniques and tools as malicious hackers, but with the explicit goal of helping organizations protect themselves against cyber threats.

Ethical hackers are typically hired by organizations to conduct "penetration testing" or "pen testing" – a simulated attack on their systems to identify weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. They may also be responsible for evaluating the overall security posture of an organization, identifying areas that require improvement, and recommending solutions to address security issues.

The mission of an ethical hacker is to ensure that an organization's critical data, systems, and networks are secure, and to help prevent data breaches and other cyber attacks that could cause significant damage to the organization and its stakeholders. They must also abide by a strict code of ethics and conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner at all times.

The vision of me as an ethical hacker is to create a more secure and safe digital world by identifying vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software applications, and helping organizations to improve their security measures. Ethical hackers aim to prevent cyber attacks, protect sensitive data, and safeguard critical infrastructure from being compromised by malicious actors. Additionally, many ethical hackers aspire to promote awareness about cybersecurity risks and educate individuals and organizations about best practices for online safety and security.

You can find my resume in below link:

Meet The One-Man-Team

Martijn's dedication to his work, love for his kids, and his unique mix of interests make him a truly fascinating individual. He embodies the spirit of an ethical hacker who strives to protect and secure the digital realm while cherishing the joys of everyday life.

So, meet Martijn, a 45-year-old ethical hacker who is passionate about his work and kids. He is very proud of his children Madelief Vlinder (14), Valentijn Mees (12, soon 13), and Merlijn Julian (7). When he's not busy hacking away at his computer, Martijn loves listening to various types of music, including psychedelic 60's tunes, blues, rock, pop, and even classical melodies. It's his way of unwinding after a long day of cyber exploits.

Although his physical condition limits his activities, Martijn always starts off with a positive attitude, eager to make the most of his energy. He may not be able to conquer mountains, but he does enjoy swimming and occasionally takes the kids to amusement parks, zoos, or places with water to ensure they have a fantastic time together. On vacations Martijn loves to have allot of swimming fun with the children and later taking it easy at their stay.

On a personal note, Martijn took on a challenge not to drink alcohol for 1.5 years in his efforts to clear up his mind, which he diligently followed through. Occasionally grants himself a drink, all while retaining the control he has over his own discipline. Going out for diner is something he loves, but rarely does because it's something he wants to value.

When Martijn isn't immersed in his hacker world or spending time with his kids, he has a soft spot for high-quality series and movies that explore futuristic themes. It's his way of escaping into captivating worlds beyond our own.

One thing you can count on with Martijn is his immense respect for life. He wouldn't even step on an ant if he could help it. That's just the kind of person he is – valuing life and embracing compassion.

Martijn may be a pro in the virtual world, but when it comes to the great outdoors, he's not exactly an adventurer (haha). However, he finds solace in spending time in his own yard and on the balcony, enjoying the tranquility and fresh air with some great music. He also much prefers the comforts of home, stretching his legs on the sofa while enjoying a good episode or movie. Martijn knows how to take it easy, but occasionally takes a walk to clear his mind and maintaining a bit of condition.

In regards to work, Martijn is almost unstoppable. His dedication proved key for his career, but he is determined not to let a future partner down.


Martijn Kamminga

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